Seed Varieties


AAC Viewfield Wheat - (new high yielding wheat)
  • Shortest CWRS available
  • Good FHB disease package
  • Good sprouting resistance
  • Easy to harvest 
AAC Brandon
  • New high yielding wheat
  • Great lodging resistance
  • Good leaf and stem rust resistance
  • Good stripe rust resistance


Meadow (Yellows)
  • Good standability and yield
  • Early maturing medium sized yellow pea
  • Strong seed coat characteristics
  • Still most popular yellow pea grown in Alberta


CDC Austenson (R & C)
  • The new standard in 2 row feed barley
  • Strong combination of yield, straw strength, test weight and disease resistance
CDC Copeland
  • Excellent malting quality
  • Strong straw
  • Good stem rust resistance

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